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I live in a beautiful area of vast wilderness areas along with three mountain ranges that are spectacular and offer me views in all directions. The Sacramento River courses through Shasta County as it travels Southward. Living life as an a art form is possible here in the Shasta County, California. Whether you want the urban lifestyle or a country place, you can find the very best and at a price that is reasonable. This website is dedicated to providing you with proof of the beauty with localism posts combined with another love of mine, photography. As we travel three Counties in our real estate work, we stop along the way to photograph beautiful places. We have a series we call “Perfect Days in Perfect Places”.  Come along on a tour of the North State..

I have showcased the communities and cities of Shasta County, California. Explore and enjoy each community or City. It will provide a brief overview of the community or City and the lifestyles that they offer. As time goes on and we travel and work in the North State, we will be sharing here on The Shasta Lifestyle. I enjoy life and embrace many things. I have a love of photography, fly fishing, wilderness areas, wild flowers, birding, hunting trout, gardening, cooking, opera, jazz, poetry and lively conversation.

Join me as I chronicle Life in the North State through my writing and photography. This website is dedicated to the beauty that surrounds us.

Beautiful Country!

Living the Shasta Lifestyle is truly an Art Form!

Jeanean Gendron



Redding Real Estate ~ What You Need to Know About Buying a Foreclosure/REO Property!

Foreclosure ValueRedding Real Estate–Buying an REO (Real Estate Owned) or foreclosure property can be an opportunity or a bad experience. If you are considering the purchase of an REO you should be aware of several aspects of how they work. The bank usually list the property with an agent that specializes in listing REOs. They are given the specifications of the listing conditions and are usually dictated to by the bank.

No one thing can be generalized about and this as all other things is not always the case. Some agents build a good relationship with the bank and can manage to operate within a range of allowance and judgement in helping the bank get the property sold. Some agent are, however not that fortunate and are bound by the conditions the bank dictates. Most buyers believe that there will be room in the price.

If the listing agent has priced it correctly, there will not be much room for negotiation. If you are an all cash buyer, then that changes somewhat. The buyer will not receive any disclosures regarding the condition of the property and the bank normally will not pay for any repairs and that includes Section 1.

Once your offer is submitted, you are normally given a counter offer that takes away most of your rights in the State of California Residential Purchase Agreement.

The California Residential Purchase Agreement is a very good document that has evolved over many years to fairly protect the buyer and the seller in a transaction to sell real estate.

Because the banks have at their disposal the legal means to construct these counter offers, they often times take away many of the built in safeguards for the Buyer. Another thing to be careful about is whether the bank will allow you to use a local title company so that you can accurately predict what your closing costs will be. They will sometimes identify a specific title company out of the area and if they do….be adamant about what your closing costs will be. The costs can be different by several thousand dollars.

Use a good Realtor and have them help you determine if the REO is going to be a good buy. Sometimes, after all the repairs have been made, you may have been better off looking for a regular resale home. Good bargains are out there in this category, as well.

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