Marketing the View – Marketing Example

Shasta County, CA – Marketing Unique Properties – Jeanean and David Gendron — Marketing and Selling Unique Properties is our specialty. How important is it to provided prospective Buyers with the experience of what the property provides in the opportunity to support chosen lifestyles – it is key in attaining the goal. Identifying those key marketing elements that will provide Buyers with core features and amenities is our goal. As Buyers, we choose those elements or features based on lifestyles we desire or need. Privacy, views, water and land are among those things we choose when creating a new environment to support our lifestyles.

The visual experience is so important in this process. We love the visual look and feel that we create when we are marketing unique properties. It’s rather like creating a work of art that will provide our Buyers with a preview of the actual experience. Combine the visual with the trending market valuation to focus on that perfect combination of price point and value (defined by the experience) and we have that winning combination.

Marketing and Selling Unique Properties – Marketing the View – When Nature provides a spectacular view, it offers a rare opportunity to cultivate that view as we develop the land. Posed in thought and deliberation, every aspect of the property has been developed to capture and enjoy the View.

Capturing the View and Presenting the flawless work of Nature was a privileged on the sweet property in the lower elevation levels of Highway 44. Our beautiful Sellers had so meticulously and lovingly developed this beautiful property to enjoy the Views of Mount Shasta. Open fields of green framed the View. It was lovely to market this property.

Marketing the View – Presenting the Flawless Work of Nature–This elegant and custom built home offers the distinctive design of a lifestyle integrated with Nature. A highly desirable and prestigious location and a spectacular architectural design, this home is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Distinction that reflects your personal needs and provides you the finest luxury amenities and embellishments. Truly, a remarkable property.

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronDesigned to frame Mount Shasta and provide integration with Nature on every level. Come and see this beautiful home!

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronSpecial Guest Cottage for those special family and friends who need that “Get away retreat”. Being with “The Mountain…Mount Shasta” is a unique and wonderful experience.

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronWith the highest ideal in mind, we have a custom home that embraces the silence of the land and the ease of being with Nature. What a unique and distinctive design.

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronCozy wood fireplace with code standard wood burning insert. Perfect place for “snuggle up” nights and cool days.

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronGourmet kitchen allows enjoyment of the integrated Music System and the ability to gaze at Mount Shasta while cooking the fine cuisines and spending quality time with family and friends.

Marketing the View - Jeanean and David GendronA View that reveals the silence of “The Mountain” and the opportunity to be in harmony with Nature.

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