Marketing the Land – Marketing Example

Shasta County, CA – Marketing Unique Properties – Jeanean and David Gendron — Marketing and Selling Unique Properties is our specialty. How important is it to provided prospective Buyers with the experience of what the property provides in the opportunity to support chosen lifestyles – it is key in attaining the goal. Identifying those key marketing elements that will provide Buyers with core features and amenities is our goal. As Buyers, we choose those elements or features based on lifestyles we desire or need. Privacy, views, water and land are among those things we choose when creating a new environment to support our lifestyles.

The visual experience is so important in this process. We love the visual look and feel that we create when we are marketing unique properties. It’s rather like creating a work of art that will provide our Buyers with a preview of the actual experience. Combine the visual with the trending market valuation to focus on that perfect combination of price point and value (defined by the experience) and we have that winning combination

Marketing and Selling Unique Properties–Marketing is about “Telling the Story” that your perspective Buyer will relate to. Your goal is to have the visual presentation represent the actual experience of “being there”. The views and feel of the land come through as an experience. The Buyer is able to perceive a lifestyle that will be suitable.

An example of “Telling the Story” is about a beautiful piece of property we marketed in Cottonwood, CA. The land was unique as it had lush water and wetlands on the property. It made for an attractive story to tell.

Loving the Land – Where Water is King–This beautiful 112 Acre ranch is rich with water. In California where water is king, you have 112 acres of land that is green all year. With ACID irrigation, the options are many for the use of the land. It currently grows Alfalfa in Winter and grazes cattle in Summer. It has successfully been Orchard land in the past.

View of Home from the East

The custom Log Home is built to take advantage of the Open spaces and to integrate with the land. Large windows allow you to enjoy the Seasons as they come in go. Living in Harmony with Nature is always a beautiful cycle of living life to the fullest.

View of Home from the South

Beautiful wood and custom stone work accent the finest details of this custom home.

All the touches are here for the connoisseur of fine taste.

View of Out Buildings

Two barns and a guest house or office provide many options for a working ranch or farm.

Private Driive

Your tree lines drive is beautiful and stately.

Custom Log Home

The heart of the Custom Log Home.

View from Living Room

Beautiful, warm wood inspires us throughout this home and offers warmth and a feeling of comfort.

View of Kitchen from Living Room

Warm glowing wood with windows to the surround beauty of the environment offer opportunity to enjoy the changing of the day from Sunrise to Sunset.

Loving the Land – Where Water is King–Water is King in California when it comes to Land and working the Land. This unique working ranch offers many options due to abundant water. There are wet lands on the property and the opportunity to build and maintain a Pond system.

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