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I live in a beautiful area of vast wilderness areas along with three mountain ranges that are spectacular and offer me views in all directions. The Sacramento River courses through Shasta County as it travels Southward. Living life as an a art form is possible here in the Shasta County, California. Whether you want the urban lifestyle or a country place, you can find the very best and at a price that is reasonable. This website is dedicated to providing you with proof of the beauty with localism posts combined with another love of mine, photography. As we travel three Counties in our real estate work, we stop along the way to photograph beautiful places. We have a series we call “Perfect Days in Perfect Places”.  Come along on a tour of the North State..

I have showcased the communities and cities of Shasta County, California. Explore and enjoy each community or City. It will provide a brief overview of the community or City and the lifestyles that they offer. As time goes on and we travel and work in the North State, we will be sharing here on The Shasta Lifestyle. I enjoy life and embrace many things. I have a love of photography, fly fishing, wilderness areas, wild flowers, birding, hunting trout, gardening, cooking, opera, jazz, poetry and lively conversation.

Join me as I chronicle Life in the North State through my writing and photography. This website is dedicated to the beauty that surrounds us.

Beautiful Country!

Living the Shasta Lifestyle is truly an Art Form!

Jeanean Gendron



Redding Real Estate – Realtors and the Service Wheel of Many Spokes!

The Pool of Realtors is Getting Smaller – Can You Survive – The Wheel of Many Spokes--We recently had an opportunity to become aware of the number of Realtors here in our local area that made their annual dues and are still actively doing real estate. The number has gone from somewhere around 1500 Realtors down to around 475. That is a reduction of 69% of the Realtor base. Given, some have come and gone and we do have new agents but the numbers are sobering for sure.

If we examined how these 31% that have survived, we don’t find anything that surprises. In my local area, it would not be Social Media that is the success factor. I do see other Realtors on Facebook and Twitter. I do see Realtors with good websites that get good SEO and compete with me for the online market.

You do have to have an online presence to pay in this market. This is a given. As I go down the list of those Realtors that remain and who the Top Producers are, they are the Realtors with relationships built over years and the Realtors who practice the basic skills required in real estate. Picking up the phone and contacting your past clients and your sphere of influence is what still makes the phone ring. It is not floor calls, or web leads. You can bring in new business by working the “expireds”. In the end, however it is your referral base that keeps that activity coming and that brings you business. It is your past service and your present level of service.

If you see your business as if it were a bicycle wheel with many spokes that provide you the opportunity of offering many value added services for your clients and you see the hub of this bicycle wheel as your past clients and current clients, you have a visual model for how your business is structured. The Wheel of Many Spokes represents the continued constant effort and guidance on the current trending market conditions and that caring element of “staying in touch”. The thoughtful act of communication sustains your business. It is the combined value we provide through an online presence and the face to face interaction that keep it real. Just by picking up the phone and staying in touch we provide an organic contribution to our Community. Hopefully, we are one of many with like-minded goals of offering service and value.

While we have seen those numbers go down, it is also inspiring to find that common trait that offers us that opportunity to continue what we love to do and that would be helping our clients buy and sell real estate.

If you are looking to relocate to the North State be sure an look Jeanean and David Gendron up. We love living and working in Shasta County California. We call it Living The Shasta Lifestyle. It is an artful way of life.


I am Jeanean Gendron, your Redding and Shasta County Specialist. You can reach me at 530 276-7417. I answer my phone I hold the Certified Investment Agent Specialist, CIAS designation. I have taken special training so that I may help my clients in all their Real Estate Investment needs.

I am HAFA Certified!

Certified Distressed Property Expert SFR HEU HEU Equator Certfied

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