Redding Farmer’s Market – Opens on April 9th – Weather Affecting Farmers!

I am always in great anticipation about the Redding Farmer’s Market opening up in April. Located in the area West of the Redding City Hall, it is my every Saturday must do activity. This year may be a little slow in getting started with the offerings of fruit and veggies due to a prolonged and wet Winter season.

Local farmers have not really been able to produce during this unseasonable weather. Crafts and food vendors will be the main attraction with some Farmers coming up from the South.

Here are a few photos from last year’s Farms Market just to keep us going with the thought of the the months to come and good local produce.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

Early Saturday mornings are very busy at the Farmer’s Market. With good breakfast treats and the local artisans, it is a must do activity in Redding and Shasta County, CA.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

 Fresh product is beautiful and it is such a please to speak with the Growers and Farmers. Fresh shallots from the garden is a treat on any day.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

The feeling of abundance for the coming weeks meals is a feeling like no other. My favorite treat is to shop the Farmer’s Market and plan our meals for the week.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

Gorgeous fresh fruit and flowers are delightful and taste so good. The raspberries where the main ingredient for a weeks worth of fun recipes. A healthy cuisine based on local produce is the menu for successful restaurants and for fine dining at home.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

I always enjoy chatting with the Farmers and growers about our weather and the art of producing fine fruits and vegetables. We grow our own herbs at home but I am fascinated with the knowledge.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

Fresh breads, jams and local honey are just a few of the offerings at the Farmer’s Market. You will also find Arts and Crafts by local artisans that come to share with the local people their products and services.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

Of course, breakfast at the Farmer’s Market is a must do and have. A sticky bun is like no other and coffee, tea and juice drinks make for a morning of delightful treats.

Redding Farmer’s Market – Jeanean Gendron

We are ending up the day with our hand woven grocery bags filled to the brim and with our tummies full of fine breakfast treats and good coffee. It has been a great fun time at the Redding Farmer’s Market. We are set for the week with good and fresh fruit and veggies for healthy eating and enjoyable meals and we bought flowers for the house and a new vase for the flowers. We have local grown and cared for plants that we must plant in our garden and all in all, it was all so wonderful. See you next week at the Redding Farmer’s Market.


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Redding Real Estate ~ Relocation ~ Sundial Film Festival 3/13-15, 2009

Excited. Starting today, the Sundial Film Festival begins. For our area, this is a major undertaking and wonderful step in the direction of supporting Digital Art Form for Northern California. There are three days of Festivities beginning this evening at 7:00. The following are the offered Films:

Friday, March 13, 7:00pm

‘Angle of Inspiration’ Filmmaker Jessica Abbe Documentary/30 Min

‘Pigeon Pilfer’ Filmmaker Michael Stevenson Animation/1min30

‘Buffalo Calf Girl’ Filmmaker Roger Slagle Experimental/19min


‘Poor Thing’ Filmmaker Lisa an Bill Collins Narrative/16min38

‘Bound’ Filmmaker Chase Jensen Narrative/13min

‘Cart’ Filmmaker Jesse Rostin Narrative/10min

Saturday, March 14 2:00pm

‘Matsutake’ Filmmaker Todd Dayton Documentary/30min

‘Revenge of the Mouse’ Filmmaker Chase Jensen Animation/3min

‘Baba Yaga’ Filmmaker Eric Pace Narrative/8min22

‘Omaha Beach’ Filmmaker Tom Stoval Experimental/20 min


‘Reclamation of David Simms’ Filmmaker Chase Jensen Narrative/17min30

‘Campus Safety 3′ Filmmaker Michael Gallegos Narrataive/11min36

‘Paid in Full’ Filmmaker Josh McHale Narrative/6min

‘Profiles are Lovely’ Filmmaker Jeffrey Loveness Narrative/20min

Sunday March 15 2:00 pm

‘Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park’ Filmmaker Tristan Howard Documentary/30min

‘No Love in Berry County’ Filmmaker Chase Jensen Narrative/20min

‘I am Rodrigo’ Filmmaker Will Lascelles Experimental/7min


‘Spirit of the Himalayas’ Filmmaker Will Parrinello Documentary/30min

‘5 Days’ Filmmaker Christopher Parks Narrative/25 min

Replay of the Festival Winner

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Gala

6:00 pm ~ wine and hors d’oeuvres reception in indoor amphitheater at the south end of Downtown Mall

7:30 pm ~ awards ceremony at the Cascade Theatre

Guest Speaker: Jessica Abbe with Sacred Land Film Project

Attire is Sundial Film Festival Formal–your interpretation

Get more details at the Sundial website.

I am Jeanean Gendron, your Redding and Shasta County Specialist. You can reach me at 530 276-7417. I answer my phone. I’ll see you there!

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