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Jeanean and David Gendron – Marketing and Selling Unique Properties - We love living and working here in the North State of California, Shasta County. We call it Living The Shasta Lifestyle and it embraces those choices we make to live life to the fullest. We are artists and we choose to live life as an art form. We love the vast wilderness areas here in Shasta County and the day trips we make to the surrounding areas that make the North State an amazing place to live. We celebrate with you that beauty. We offer you a Relocation Guide to living in our area and we hope you enjoy it.

Jeanean and David Gendron – Marketing and Selling Unique Properties – We specialize in marketing and selling Unique Properties. When we develop a property to the highest and best purpose, it becomes very important to capture and to provide Buyers with that experience on-line. Through marketing that tells the story and by using professinal photography and video, we market that experience to targeted Buyers. We sell our listings. Getting the market value and listing price correct and combining that with a pervasive on-line marketing strategy….well we can Mark it Sold!

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My husband and I met at Apple Computer. We both formed our value system while at Apple. We loved working at Apple and being part of the concept that “We could change the world”. I have come to realize of late that we believed we could change the world and we did. Look how far we have come from the Apple IIe. WOW! Neat Stuff!

My husband and I continue to be passionate about life and the celebration of our work. We ran our own software company for 16 years, helping small work groups with performance improvement. It was very good work and we were always helping our clients to see measurable performance improvement. Guess what? We are applying all that great knowledge to our Real Estate Business.

It is such a cosmic dance to be able to build our own systems and do for ourselves what we have been doing for others for so long. Look out baby, here we come. Absolutely outrageous service on every level conceivable is the goal. I can’t wait for each day and each new opportunity. We are having some kind of fun now! Stay Tuned!

Service You Deserve. People You Can Trust.

Our web sites are designed to be your complete real estate resource. If you are shopping for property you can search for, and view the entire multiple listing service. If you are selling your property, you can get a full competitive analysis of your property’s value in today’s market. We provide our client with an extensive marketing plan and web exposure that WORKS! I am always available to offer you personal one-on-one help.

BUYERS: Search the MLS for properties in the Redding and Shasta County area. Click Here to fill out a form and receive free email listing reports based on your search criteria. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, I can help you with useful information and resources about how to choose the “right” property, making an offer, negotiating, financing, mortgage rates, moving, and everything involved in making an informed real estate decision in todays market. This website and my services are dedicated to helping you.

SELLERS: Getting your property sold is straight forward. It requires the right price, beautiful marketing and presentation and a comprehensive WEB presence that targets the right Buyers for your property. If you currently own property and are thinking of placing it on the market, this site contains information about preparing your home for sale, pricing your home appropriately, marketing effectively, using technology (Virtual Tour and Your Own Website) to ensure a comprehensive marketing presence. Email us today or call for a Free Market Evaluation. Learn how we can promote your home 24/7 and achieve your real estate goals.


18% of Homes Sold are through Relocation Services. This is an important advantage and one I want to provide you with.

Please feel free to browse through this site to explore Shasta County communities. This comprehensive on-line tool offers direct access to the latest properties for sale in your area. Featuring extensive community information, consumer links, school information, free reports, answers to commonly asked real estate questions, and more, you’ll find everything about real estate within one easy source.

You will love the diversity of our area. Our city is sophisticated and philanthropic and yet with short travel you have nature’s bounty available. Hiking, fishing, birding, wildflowers and topography that changes within short distances. We have it all! Visit us today and see for yourself!

My husband and I are fly fishing enthusiasts. We love being on the river and the connection it brings to the river and to the environment. There is nothing better than hunting that “brookie” or “brown”. My husband David, is a fly fisherman of extraordinary ability (he is poetry in motion when it comes to fly fishing) and is the true fly fisherman. He can fly fish anywhere in any condition. He is the “hunter”. I on the other hand have to have just the right spot and just the right equipment. I fiddle at fly fishing. However, both styles of fly fishing are wonderful. As I said, it is not really about how but why. The why is being in the river with glorious sky above and beauty all around and the knowingness of that one second in time when you are completely connected to all living things? That one transcendent moment when you and nature are one is transformative. You are the fish, you are the river and you are all that surrounds you.

David Fly Fishing Shasta 2

We of course practice catch and release and have been asked “why bother”. The answer to that is in the act of “thinking like the fish” and therefore “being the fish”. Once you have that connection and you actually succeed in “catching the fish” there is complete satisfaction. That second when you are allowed to gently release the hook (no barbs) and as the fish swims free from your gently cupped hand, the celebration of having met this lovely fish for that very short space in time is forever in your memory. I remember every fish I have every caught. The “brookies” shines like a penny and the “rainbows” jumps and fights so beautifully with such spirit. It is all SO, SO GOOD!

Come visit Redding and enjoy the best fishing rivers, streams and lakes in California. Look David and Jeanean Gendron up….and we’ll go with you!

Sustainable Business Model

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View of the Western Mountain Ranges

Areas of Expertise

AGENT REFERRALS: I AM VERY INTERESTED IN GIVING AND RECEIVING REFERRALS–Just as I work hard for my sellers and buyers…..I will also work hard on referrals to make sure we have a successful transaction. I will keep you in the loop with weekly updates and make sure you are confident in how the transaction is progressing. I am dedicated to reaching the goal.

Residential Services–Service You Deserve. A Name You Trust–Jeanean Gendron. When you are buying or selling property in today’s real estate market, it’s important to have confidence in your real estate professional. My commitment as your local REALTOR® is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve.

When you are an informed buyer or seller, you’ll make the best decisions for the important purchase or sale of your real estate properties. That’s why my goal is to keep you informed on trends in the marketplace using the latest statistics in your local area. With property values continuing to adjust, real estate remains a sound investment for now and for the future. As a local area expert with knowledge of the communities, my objective is to work diligently to assist you in meeting your real estate goals.

I am personally committed to providing knowledge based real estate services. My goal will always be to provide you with the highest level of knowledge, information, service and expertise in the field of real estate.

Corporate Mobility Specialist–Marketing Assistance, Closing Assistance, Buyer Value Options/BVO Program, Amended Value/AV Program, Buy-Out Marketing Assistance with Buyer Value Option BVO

New Home Marketing and Residential Construction Certified–Marketing and sales assistance for Developers–we offer full marketing plan design and development services that include: direct mail programs, dedicated websites design and development with complete virtual tour capability. We make the small developer look like the national developer. Visit http://www.nobhillredding.com for an example of one website we did for a small developer in Redding.

Learning is at the core of my real estate career. My commitment to knowledge for my industry is on-going and includes the following completed real estate courses: Property Management, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Economics, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Appraisal and Escrow. I am a firm believer in continuing education and being knowledgeable in my industry.

I hold the following designations:

  • Residential Marketing Master (RMM),
  • Certified New Home Specialist,
  • Residential Construction Certified (RCC),
  • Corporate Mobility Specialist (CMS)

AGENT REFERRALS: I AM VERY INTERESTED IN GIVING AND RECEIVING REFERRALS–Just as I work hard for my sellers and buyers…..I will also work hard on referrals to make sure we have a successful transaction. I will keep you in the loop with weekly updates and make sure you are confident in how the transaction is progressing. I am dedicated to reaching the goal.


OUT OF TOWN INVESTORS–Robert and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all your efforts in buying our home in Redding. This was a very positive experience for us and it was made easier with your help and guidance. You have an innate ability to remain calm and seek alternatives which helped us through the most difficult parts of the home buying process. Your professionalism and extensive knowledge helped narrow the search and focus our efforts. We admired your determination to provide us with facts and information in order to make quick decisions. You remained open and honest which gained our trust. You became someone we could always rely on.Jeanean, you clearly went above and beyond the call of duty and you are by far, the best real estate professional we have ever worked with. We have enjoyed this adventure and would like to continue a partnership with you and would like you to be with us on our next “project” whether it be land or a home in Redding. Not only have we gained a home in Redding but we have also gained a good friend in Redding, Thank you.RG and RG

OUT OF TOWN BUYERS–Thank you so much for helping us to find the perfect home for us! We really feel that if it had not have been for you, we would not be living in the beautiful home that we are. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and for helping to smooth over the rough spots with our escrow. Thanks, too, for working with the contractors and PG&E. There was no way we could have done all that living so far away. We felt as though you treated us like family and we really appreciated it! Thanks so very much……

AR & JR MULTIPLE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS–We are so grateful for all the help you have given us over the years. We appreciate all your help for taking care of the details. You are a Realtor who cares…….

MN & RP FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS–You helped us get into our first home and we are so happy. We have the perfect home and the perfect Realtor. You helped us with the mortgage and with the move and in so many ways. Thanks for helping us to own our first home……LB and RB.

DIFFICULT LISTING–Thank you for helping us to market and sell our unique and beautiful property. You believed in us and the result was a WIN/WIN/WIN……MF

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